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Acoustic Performance

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Just picked up a favourite song?
Take it out of the bedroom.
Discover and meet folks looking to jam on the same music. Play, record, get featured.
Jazz Club

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Music needs ideas. Collaborate on your originals with fellow musicians or host a listening session to get feedback on those new tunes.
Band Rehearsal

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Improv Music

Do you play the tabla on the guitar and make drumsticks of your spoons? We can help you meet those with your vibe. Let's make music out of anything. 
What is MusicMesh?
Is music the thread that ties your emotions? Comforts you, inspires you, hugs you to sleep? Is it there when you laugh, there when you cry, and there when no one else is around? That's what music is to me. 
Consumed in the daily hustle, the 30 minutes I get to spend with my guitar is absolute bliss. I play anything that comes to my mind, a favourite song or random chords to express my emotions. I can't commit to playing full-time, don't have the time to form a band and certainly not a home studio.  But, playing alone can't bring out the real magic! I needed a network which helps me discover music lovers who think the same and can jam with no "strings attached."

MusicMesh is the the thread to connect those who love music beyond any expectations, those who enjoy making music with anyone, from anywhere.
Welcome to MusicMesh.

- Avirup Kanjilal, Founder, MusicMesh - India Chapter
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Avirup Kanjilal

Founder, MusicMesh

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How does MusicMesh work?

Browse Jam Groups

Covers, originals or random improv music. Every song has many groups, find the one with your vibe.

Send Jam Request

Check location, group members, timing and jampad details. Then, go for it, send a jam request.

Meet. Jam. Repeat

Record your jam session and send us the audio grab, images and videos to get featured in Jam Stories.

Create your Jam Alert

Tell us what you want to jam on

What do you feel like jamming on?

Jam on

Times Like These

Artist : Foo Fighters


download (4).jpeg

Jam on

In Loving Memory

Artist : Alter Bridge



Jam on

Sky Full of Stars

Artist : Coldplay


download (3).jpeg

Jam on

Always Remember Us This Way

Artist : Lady Gaga


download (2).jpeg

Jam on


Artist : Lady Gaga


Put up a Jam Alert

Tell us what you want to jam on. Originals, covers or random improv music!

Set preferences

Tell us who you want to jam with. Guitarist, bassist, percussionist etc.

Share location

Tell us who you where you want to jam. Host at your own space or from our network

Meet. Jam. Repeat

Self explanatory.


Host a Jam Session

Music, ideas, and smiles.
A jam session is always good for the heart and soul. Host a jam session at your living room, your favourite cafe or in your office.

Music as a therapy

The joys of learning music has no words. Collaborate with MusicMesh to play for social causes and to teach music. Spread some good karma.

Work with musicians

Love making album artworks or music videos? Got a jampad or a recording studio? Get listed on MusicMesh to talk about your service to musicians.


Jamming with other people will create energy and excitement that you can feed off, and which will help push you to do things you'd never dream of doing by yourself.

—  Dimebag Darell